LHC commissioning working group now replaced by LBOC


LHC Beam Commissioning Working Group  - meetings

15:30 Tuesday - CCC conference room

Notes & presentations        Topics
19 January 2011
  • Follow-up from Evian LHC operation workshop - 2011 LHC beam commissioning, New configuration of the LHC nominal cycle, Injection sequencer and IQC upgrade
30 November 2010
  • LHC beam operation with ions,  results from instabilities measurements with 75ns and 50 ns bunch spacing, beta-beating studies and thick elements model for the LHC, 2011 LHC HWC updates
23 November 2010
  • LHC beam operation: re-start with ions,  results of the 75ns and 50 ns beam tests (Overview, vacuum and cryogenics observations, stable phase shift, injection systems)
16 November 2010
  • LHC beam commissioning with ions, beam beam observations, HWC preparation, 2011 LHC schedule, 75ns and 50 ns beam plans
9 November 2010
  • LHC beam operation with 50 ns (vacuum, cryogenics and beam observations, beam simulation results), LHC beam commissioning with ions
2 November 2010
  • LHC beam operation, Results from injection gap cleaning, Analysis of squeeze performance, Readiness for ion operation, LHC ion commissioning plans
26 October 2010
  • LHC beam operation, beam-beam observations
19 October 2010
  • LHC beam operation, Ion filling scheme, Ion readiness on the injector side, LHC beam injection status, Analysis of tune & chromaticity reproducibility in the ramp
12 October 2010
  • LHC beam operation, Ion readiness in the LHC injectors, Preparation for ions in the LHC
5 October 2010
  • LHC beam operation, Abort Gap cleaning, Calibration of losses at injection, Ions operation preparation, 50 and 75ns bunch spacing, K modulation
28 September 2010
  • LHC beam operation, Possible filling scheme, Ions operation
21 September 2010
  • Collimation system commissioning for bunch train operation, status of the injection and beam dump systems for bunch train operation
14 September 2010
  • Bunch train commissioning: Triplet alignment, RF, Aperture, Optics, Bunch trains at injection, CMW, injection and protection.
31 August 2010
  •  LHC beam operation - issues / progress / observations - 2010 ion operation - LHC beam commissioning schedule for weeks 35 + 36
17 August 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Loss maps, Injection and beam dump systems, BLMs
10 August 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Sudden beam losses, QFB feed forward, Status of the beam dumping system, Luminosity optimisation, Updates on magnetic model and snapback at 10A/s, LHC 2010 schedule towards 1e32
3 August 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Multi-bunch injection, Beam intensity evolution during fills
27 July 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Follow-up from OP review, Beam observations during collisions, multi-bunch injection
13 July 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Injection setting-up for more than 1212p/beam, Updates on beam observations in stable beam mode, Updates on hump studies, Outcomes from the MPP review.
6 July 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Beam observations in stable beam mode, RF noise, crossing angle observation in LHCb
29 June 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Beam observations and measurements over the last 2 weeks, Follow-up from OP review
22 June 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Recent beam observations with colliding beams, Outcomes from the MPP review, LHC beam commissioning plans for the summer
15 June 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Controlled longitudinal emittance blow up , Transverse damper system status.
8 June 2010
  •  LHC commissioning progress, Longitudinal emittance control, Single bunch instability studies at 3.5 TeV
1st June 2010
  •  LHC operational review - LHC beam schedule
11 May 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning
4 May 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning,  high intensity operation at 450 GeV collisions
27 April 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning, Status, preparation for high intensity
20 April 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning, Preparation for High Intensity, Hump status
13 April 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning, Preparation for High Intensity
6 April 2010
  •  LHC beam commissioning
23 March 2010
  •  LHC beam re-start
16 March 2010
  •  LHC beam re-start
9 March 2010
  •  LHC beam re-start

2 March 2010
  •  LHC beam re-start
23rd February 2010
  •  Transfer line beam tests, LHC beam re-start
16th February 2010
  • HWC progress, Dry run news, Field model issues, precycle and beta beating, Planning for the LHC re-start
9th February 2010
  • HWC progress, Dry run news, Planning for the LHC re-start
2nd February 2010
  • LHC schedule, Planning for the LHC re-start, Evian Follow-up
12th January 2010
  • LHC tune stability
8th December 2009
  • Reports on the LHC beam commissioning
1st December 2009
  • Reports on the LHC beam commissioning
24th November 2009
  • Reports on the LHC beam commissioning
17th November 2009
  • Dry runs and Machine check-out news, FiDel updates, LHC beam commissioning preparation
10th November 2009
  • Dry runs, Status of beam feedback systems and proposed commissioning strategy, First outcome from the 2nd LHC sector tests
3rd November 2009
  • Dry runs, LHC pre-cycles, RF ramping tests
27th October 2009
  • Dry runs, Status of tune, chromaticity and coupling measurements, Reports from the LHC sector tests
20th October 2009
  • Dry runs, Luminosity monitoring systems
13th October 2009
  • Dry runs, MPS, LHC injection tests and commissioning: systems and tools readiness
6th October 2009
  • Dry runs, LHC commissioning schedule, LHC injection tests and commissioning: systems and tools readiness
29th September 2009
  • Dry runs, LHC central timing upgrade, LHC injection tests -planning-systems and tools readiness
22nd September 2009
  • Dry runs, LHC beam commissioning plans, TI 2/TI 8 beam tests
8th September 2009
  • Dry runs, 3.5 TeV parameter list
1st September 2009
  • Dry runs, Commissioning plans
25th August 2009
  • Dry runs, Update on LHC field model activities and critical issues
4th August 2009
  • Dry runs, Handling function stop points during betatron squeeze
7th July 2009
  • Dry runs, 2009 commissioning planning, Updates on LHC physics targets for 2009/2010 run
23rd June 2009
  • Dry runs, LHC injection sequencing, Commissioning for forward experiments, TI 2 beam tests
9thJune 2009
  • Interleaved beam and hardware commissioning, LHC on line monitor, TI 8 beam tests, MD weeks 24 and 25
2nd June 2009
  • Dry run, Putting the beams into collision, TI 8 beam tests
26th May 2009
  • Dry run, LHC running conditions / Requirements from experiments
19th May 2009
  • Dry runs, MADX release, BV flag and polarity flag, RF through sequences
28th April 2009
  • Dry runs, Preparation for beam tests, Status of ramp and squeeze
21st April 2009
  • Dry runs, Optimisation of the collapsing time of the separation bumps and foreseen MCBX ramping tests, Preparation for beam tests
31st March 2009
  • Dry runs, BLM quench threshold estimates on the MB magnet
17th March 2009
  • beam tests, controls, dry runs
3rd March 2009
  • dry runs, CO, BI, ABT, injection and bunch configuration, LHC intensity evolution
10th February 2009
  • re-commissioning - integration tests etc
20th January 2009
  • Discussion on schedule
  • Access during powering tests etc,
16th December 2008
  • Results update from beam based measurements
7 October 2008
  • Plans for continued testing etc. during shutdown
16 September 2008
  • Safe Machine Parameters
  • Magnet model
  • Beta beating and dispersion measurements