LHC Beam Commissioning meeting - 17th March 2009

Present (ish):  Etienne Carlier, Kajetan Fuchsberger, Rossano Giachino, Brennan Goddard, Jean-Jacques Gras, Lar Jensen, Verena Kain, Greg Kruk, Mike Lamont (chair), Alick Macpherson, Malika Meddahi, Mirko Pojer, Bruno Puccio, Ghislain Roy, Katarina Sigerud, Matteo Solfaroli, Ralph Steinhagen, Ezio Todesco, Jan Uythoven, Antonio Vergara Fernandez, Walter Venturini, Frank Zimmermann.

Reported by Mike Lamont


Malika Meddahi Beam tests
Eugenia Hatziangeli Update on controls issues
Verena Kain Dry run planning
Jan Uythoven Lastest ABT planning (v9)


Beam tests

See Malika's presentation above

Summary table:




Extraction TT40/TT60

Week 21


Interleaved and sequencing with LHCFAST cycle

Week 23 and/or 24

Parallel MD

TI8 test

6-7 June


Extraction Test – part II

Week 25

Dedicated MDs at the end of the 1st Long Injector MD block in week 25 (for high intensity, interleaved and sequencing).

High intensity = 288 x 5 x 10^10 ppb

TI2 test

27-28 June

LHCb interested - consider possibility of interleaved injection.

Transfer line test backup

15/16 August

LHCb interested in multiple shots on TI8 TED.

Injection test – beam 2

5/6 September

Multi-bunch to be tested (In the PS the radial loop has been identified as the first (low) intensity limitation at around 1.4 10^11 ppp total intensity, i.e. 12 bunches with 1.2 10^10 p/b.)

Injection test – beam 1

12/13 September

Unsynchronized extraction of ions might be possible. Would have to wait 2 more weeks for full synchronization (see below)


Availability of Ions (c/o Philippe Baudrenghien, Elias Metral)


See Eugenia's presentation above

Dry Runs

See Verena's presentation above