IT3: nominal cycle

System Main Objectives Comments

Cold magnets - main aim

  • Ramp & squeeze tests of all available circuits in collaboration with AB/PO and HWC. This as part of PGC. Implies availablity of QPS, PIC and PM etc.
  • Pre-cycle MB, MQ...
  • Set to injection level (b3 decay correctioin plus trims)
  • Ramp to 5.5 TeV
  • Squeeze IR5.R
  • Ramp down with settings
  • Need pre-cycle settings
  • Check new hyper run structure out
Power converters VS_SIM Test all usual functionality from equip state Generate actual and ramp and squeeze (5.5 TeV nominal) - dry with 56


  • Transfer functions for all magnet circuits
  • Harmonic errors for quads and bends
  • Decay correction at injection
  • Snapback correction at start of ramp
Will take from FIDEL whatever is available for this sector: have MB, MQ, MQX and warm values for corrector circuits

settings- discrete for "open", "coarse", "protect"
settings - ramp
settings - squeeze
Drive - collimators in 3,6 as available - tbc Stefano
Drive - lab collimator with squeeze function
BLMs - individual monitors
BG - can Atlas dummy up something?

Inteface to BIS

Monitoring, logging, FD, alarms etc Optimization procedures

  • TCS point 6 - tbc
  • Need actual settings for transfer line collimators is particle transfer properly defined?
  • Status of TCDQ Fesa-side software?
LSA Setting Generation
  • Optics import - up-to-date sequence
  • Injection actual settings
  • Full squeeze for IRs implemented
  • separation bump IR5
  • crossing angle bump IR5
LSA trim
  • test trim of lattice tune and trim tune
  • strengths, currents
  • separation bump IR5
  • crossing angle bump IR5
Check dI/dt d2I/dt2 zero voltage crossingfor 600 A trim circuits
  • All circuts
  • CMS solenoid
SIS Monitoring of all involved power converters  
Beam Insturmentation Acquistion, concentration and display of all available distributed BI systems  
  • Injection
  • Ramp
  • Squeeze
  • Ramp-down
  • Pre-cycle
  • Recovery
  • Check distribution of timing stuff
  • Check distribution of handshakes
  • Check disribution of beam related stuff
LSA run control
  • set fill number and push to timing and DIP
  • set mode and push to timing and DIP
  • set bunch configuration push to timing and DIP
  • set handshakes and push to DIP

Hypercycle control

BI through the cycle IPQ, TDA  
RF RF units, cavities, loops etc., FGCs…