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Some telegrams will be re-published over DIP (modes, beam type, energy, safe machine parameters)


A full description and documentation of what is published by the LHC machine for the experiments over DIP can now be found at:

(See aslo LEADE Twiki)       and

start DIP browser      DIP Name Server Status

LSA database

Data published by LSA database

Machine will publish:

Run Control

  DIP Timing Status Comment
Beam Mode OK OK Dip pulls from LSA Published as String. Original source LSA
Accelerator Mode OK OK Dip pulls from LSA Published as string. Original source LSA
Fill Number OK OK Dip pulls from Timing Timing updated by LSA
Bunch Configuration     Coming soon  

Exp values grabbed by Kris and published over CMW..

Machine values pushed from LSA database to DIP

Experiments publish reply to
dip/Atlas/LHC/Handshake (see link left for details)

1. We need three different publications, one for INJECTION, another for DUMP and another for ADJUST.

2. Within each publication the field "name" should contain the PVSS default called "__DIP_DEFAULT__"

3. The handshake property should be written like "Handshake", i.e. capital H.

4. LHCf and LHCb should have capital f and capital b (but this is already solved).

Energy OK OK Generated as SBP, published to timing and then to DIP In units of xxx MeV

experiment publishes to dip/LHCf/LHC/Interlock/beam_injection_accept

SPS Probe Beam Flag Threshold        
Safe Machine Parameters        

Other data

Provider System Frequency  


1 Hz  
BI Scintillators    
LSA Luminosity scan results On change  

Beam Intensity, Beam lifetime

1 Hz  
BI Bunch intensities including statellites 1 Hz  

Beam Loss Monitors - exp local

1 Hz See here for BLM naming conventions etc

BPM - local

1 Hz  
BI BPM - IP angle and position 1 Hz  
BI Abort Gap 1 Hz  
BI Bunch length - synch light 1 Hz  
BI Beam size - sync light 0.1 Hz  
EA Machine radiation monitors 1 Hz  
RP RAMSES radiation monitors < 0.1 Hz  
LSA Collimators settings, read positions On change  
LSA Roman Pot positions On change  
LSA TDI, TCDQ positons On change  
LSA Orbit corrector settings On change  
RF RF - voltage, frequency, bunch length 1 Hz  
RF bunch length - wall current monitor 1 Hz  
Vacuum /* Vacuum pressure readings along straight section around IP in */ /* 10**-10 torr averaged over subsections of the straight section */ < 0.1 Hz  
LSA Optics, beta*, strength settings    

Beam related Settings:

Crossing angle, Separation, Dipole Compensators currents and polarties, Exp magnet currents

On change  
LSA Run control: fill number, bunch configuration, target energy, target beta* (each experiment), injection accept,    


Mike Lamont