Longer term LHC schedule

In 2019 the decision was taken to extend Run 3 by a year and for LS3 to start in 2025. Impact of coronavirus pandemic reflected in the extended hardware commissioning and magnet training foreseen for 2021.



LHC and Injectors out to 2036

HL-LHC performance

Canonical plots etc here


Run 3

Integrated luminosity targets

See, for example, Stephane Fartoukh at the LMC March 2019

First look (old)

Run 2

As can be seen above Run 2 stretches from 2015 to 2018. The integrated luminosity target over this period for both ATLAS and CMS is around 100 fb-1.

LHC schedule Performance Injector schedule
2015 2015 2015
2016 2016 2016
2017 2017 2017

Similar to 2017 for protons plus Pb-Pb run
(152 days proton physics)



  Injectors North Area LHC
2016 LIU Pb machine development Primary Pb test p-Pb
2017 Xe commissioning to SPS Xe run EYETS - no ion run
2018 Pb Primary Pb Pb-Pb

LHC ions runs are 28 days - nominally 4 days set-up, 24 days physics (whether p-p reference runs go in there as well is always open to debate). Availability and efficiency tends to be good during ions runs but fills are short.


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