1180 GeV

Parameter Value Comment
Momentum 1180 GeV  
gamma 1257.63  
emittance 2 to 3.5 microns can vary from PS/SPS
beam size - beta* = 11 m. 133 - 175 microns given the above
longitudinal emittance ~1 eV.s can vary from SPS
bunch length - 8 MV 7 -8 cm Will keep voltage at 8 MV for 1180 GeV run, bunch length could go up with increasing intensity

No squeeze (although if things go well, a test is foreseen.)


Note that  these would be successful result of an intense commissioning period at the end of 2009 and are by no means given. Things will have to have gone very well even to deliver a couple of good fills. Intensity necessarily very limited - our so-called safe beam limit is around 2.5 e11at this energy and it is very unlikely our machine protection system commissioning will be sufficiently advance to pass this limit.

Possible range of luminosities:

No of bunches
Bunch intensity
peak lumi
integrated lumi
8 hour fill
4 e10
7.3 e27
0.15 nb-1
5 e 10
1.5 e28
0.3 nb-1
5 e 10
2.9 e28
0.5 nb-1


ML November 09