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Week 10: Machine coordinators: Mike Lamont – Jorg Wenninger

Nine o'clock meetings on the weekend at nine o'clock.

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Monday 14th March

  • 01h00: end of stable beams. Dump B2. H loss map and asynch . dump test.
  • 03h00: beam dump after ramp - one bunch in wrong bucket.
  • 05h10: stable beams fill 1615. 1 probe + 3 nominals, 2-2.5 um emittance, L ~ 1.5E30 cm-2s-1 ATLAS/CMS.

8:30 meeting

Sunday 13th March

  • 08h00: Loss map dp/p+ in collision.
  • Test ramp to 1.38 TeV and test collisions.
  • First stable beams fill 1613 at 18:05. 1 probe + 3 nominals, 2-2.5 um emittance, L ~ 1.2E30 cm-2s-1 ATLAS/CMS.
09:00 meeting

Saturday 12th March

  • Morning - access for power converter problem S12 (RSD1.A12B2).
  • 14h00: Loss map flat top dpp+
  • Aperture of dump line
  • 21h30: Loss map squeezed H, V and dp/p-
  • 23h20:Loss map dp/p+ squeezed
  • 03h00: Asynch. dump test squeezed.
  • 05h30: Asynch. dump test colliding.
09:00 meeting

Friday 11th March

  • 08h00: Ramp for collimation - lost beam from QTF trip.
  • 10h00: collimator setup end of squeeze, then collide and setup of collimators with colliding beams.
  • 18h00: Beam dump tests, abort gap keeper tests
  • 00h00: loss maps

8:30 meeting

Thursday 10th March

  • 07h00: Injection of multi-bunches
  • TCDQ and dump checks
  • 17h00: Ramp and squeeze nominal bunch, beam lost (Q' negative)
  • 20h30:Ramp and squeeze nominal bunch. Beam lost while going into collisions - wrong functions for some correctors.
  • 00h00: Ramp, squeeze, collide with 2 probes - OK.
  • 04h00: Aperture at 450 GeV - DS and triplet.

8:30 meeting

Wednesday 9th March

  • Morning: Access for LBDS TSU checks.
  • LBDS checks with machine closed.
  • 18h00: Access for water cooled cable problem.
  • 20h30: ramp, squeeze, collide 2 probes.
  • 23h00: Aperture at 450 GeV - DS and triplet

8:30 meeting

Tuesday 8th March

  • BLM firmware test.
  • Injection protection.
  • Collimation 3.5 TeV
  • Overnight: beta* measurement and adjustment

8:30 meeting

Monday 7th March

  • 00h09: Start of transverse damper studies.
  • 04h00: Loss maps.
  • 06h00: Ramp without tune feedback but with radial mod.
  • 08h00: Start injection and dump setup at 450 GeV.
  • 16h00: Collimation at 3.5 TeV.
  • 03h30: Test ramp with one step squeeze, Q/Q'. Twice.

8:30 meeting

14:00 LPC report