LHC Commissioning 2009 


The LHC finished its initial commissioning with beam at 18:00 Wednesday 16th December. Since first beam on Friday 20th November:



Friday November 20th Injection of both beams - rough RF capture  
Saturday November 21st Beam 1 circulating - lifetime 10 hours
Sunday November 22nd Beam 2 circulating - lifetime 3 hours
Monday November 23rd First pilot collisions at 450 GeV
First trial ramp (lost 560 GeV - tunes)
tune feedback on 1 beam
Tuesday November 26th Precycle established
Energy matching between SPS & LHC
Sunday November 29th Ramp to 1.07 TeV and then 1.18 TeV (00:43 Monday) Tune PLL commissioned
Monday 30th November Solenoids on Coupling & orbit compensated
Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th December Aperture, collimation and beam dump studies continued - protection qualified to a sufficent level at 450 GeV to allow "stable beams" to be declared.  
Sunday 6th 06:55 Stable beams at 450 GeV - 4 on 4 pilot intensities Initial struggle with vertical tune
Tuesday 8th December Ramp 2 on 2 - lost one beam after 3 minutes - but first collisions in Atlas (21:40) at 1.18 TeV No logging - suspect loss due tune swing at end of ramp
Friday 11th December (01:30) Stable beam collisions at 450 GeV with high bunch intensities: 4 x 2 10^10 per beam  
Monday 14th December Ramp 2 on 2 to 1.18 TeV - quiet beams - collisons in all four experiments  
Monday 14th December 16 on 16 at 450 GeV - stable beams  
Wednesday 16th December Ramped 4 on 4 to 1.18 TeV - squeezed to 7 m in IR5 - collisions in all four experiments

Step 1: to collision tunes
Step 2: to 9 m
Step 3: to 7 m

Wednesday 16th December 18:00 End of run  

A nice record of the 26 days courtesy of CMS's e-commentary team.

Our somewhat fragmented week by week record: