Longer term LHC schedule

The outline LHC schedule out to 2035 presented by Frederick Bordry to the SPC and FC June 2015 can be found here

LHC schedule

HL-LHC performance

Canonical plots etc here


Run 3

First look

Run 2

As can be seen above Run 2 stretches from 2015 to 2018. The integrated luminosity target over this period for both ATLAS and CMS is around 100 fb-1.

LHC schedule Performance Injector schedule
2015 2015 2015
2016 2016 2016
2017 2017 2017

Similar to 2017 for protons plus Pb-Pb run
(152 days proton physics)



  Injectors North Area LHC
2016 LIU Pb machine development Primary Pb test p-Pb
2017 Xe commissioning to SPS Xe run EYETS - no ion run
2018 Pb Primary Pb Pb-Pb

LHC ions runs are 28 days - nominally 4 days set-up, 24 days physics (whether p-p reference runs go in there as well is always open to debate). Availability and efficiency tends to be good during ions runs but fills are short.


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