Beam Commissioning: Session 1

Getting 2 multi-bunch, moderate intensity beams to 7 TeV and then colliding them. Emphasis on preparation and tests before beam.
[Chair: Mike, Scientific Secretary: Eugenia]

Actual presentations as given

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  Talks Questions Keywords
Overall Commissioning
Mike Lamont
What are the key prerequisites for effective and fast commissioning?
What are the phases? What beams will be used? How does essential system commissioning fit into the overall plan?
- Commissioning - scope of the session,
- prerequisites, preparation required to be ready for beam and importance, tests
- phases.
- Machine Configuration.
Transfer and Injection:
Brennan Goddard
When can TI8/TI2 deliver beam to the LHC? How long is required for commissioning the lines? Impact on the LHC?
What are the procedures for commissioning of the injection system? Key system preparation?
- Commissioning, SPS, TI8, TI2, optics, emittance budget, matching
- Injection. Procedure. TDI, Septa, Kickers. Tests
- Instrumentation: screens, BPMs, BLMs. Tests
- Radiation  monitors.
- Machine protection needs, controls, Optics, Settings, calibrations, steering [orthogonal].

450 GeV
Paul Collier

What are the essential prerequisites? What are the objectives of this phases? Procedure? What essential checks are to be performed? What systems have to been commissioned during this phase? How will injection scheduling work? Controls, preparation and pre-testing?
- Prerequisites, objectives, checks, pre-testing.
- BDI: BLMs, BPMs,
- Beam dump,
- Machine protection needs: BIC, Collimators,
- RF, RF-feedback, RF low level,
- Magnets. Transfer functions, errors, cycles,
- Power converters
 - Controls: Synch., pre-pulses, 
Ramping & Snapback
Andy Butterworth
How are we going to ramp the LHC? How do we plan to get through snapback? What pre-testing can be performed? What the procedures to be followed? What are the essential demands on: feedback, RMS, instrumentation? What tests & measurements have to be performed?
- Move to nominal cycle
- Mechanisms for ramping: power converters, What procedures.
- Ramp outline, snapback, stop in ramp,
- TFB off.
- Magnets,  tracking,
- Beam dump.
- BDI - Tune, Orbit FB, measurements, PLL
- Controls, timing, tests, settings -> SB ??,
- B.L.L.

Oliver Brüning

How are we going to squeeze? How long? How far? What constraints do we have (power converters etc.? What will be the procedure?
What are the essential sub systems: feedback, instrumentation, controls? What are the key physics parameter considerations? What do the
collimators and TCDQ have to do?
Preparations and pre-testing?
Squeeze, procedure, what do the magnets do?
- Outline: length [constraints from PCs], number of optics
- one IP at a time. Limitations.
- Dependent systems: feedback - tune & orbit
- Corrections: importance of transfer functions, higher order
- Collimators & TCDQ
- Measurements: coupling, dispersion, beta beating
Hermann Schmickler

How is the key instrumentation going to be commissioned? What are the requirements: controls, beams, bunch configuration? What measurements and tests need to be performed? How do things evolve through the various phases (snapback, ramp etc.)? What preparation and pre-testing can be done?

Instrumentation: what needs to be in place and tested?
- prerequisites (timing, controls, acquisitions, pre-testing)
- Commissioning - critical systems?
- BLMs, BCTs, BPMs,  screens, tune measurement (PLL)
- Measurements: coupling, Q', Q, dispersion etc., quench level, requirements arising... sliding bumps, automatic procedures
- Strategy for commissioning each of the above.
- Feedback systems
- Beam loss effect on BI, in particular BPMs [?]
- BLMs: commissioning & who fills the threshold tables.