Commissioning 2015

Cycle flow

Commissioning pathway through the nominal cycle. This is an iterative process - each phase is necessarily visited several times

Phase Beam Key tasks Comment
Injection probe
  • Threading, capture, intitial RF
  • Q, Q', coupling
  • Preliminary beam instrumentation
  • First pass collimator set-up IR7
  • Optics measurement/correction
  • Polarity checks
  • ADT set-up
Provide some protection for what follows
Ramp probe
  • Coarse collimators and TCDQ
  • Tunes, orbit, Q' - first pass
  • Dumps in ramp
Flat machine
Flat-top probe
  • Measure and correct optics
Injection nominal
  • Orbit, bumps, experimental magnets
  • ADT set-up
  • RF set-up
  • Injection protection
  • Collimators - second pass
  • LBDS - aperture checks
  • Q' decay etc
Ramp nominal
  • ADT
  • Octupoles
  • Feedbacks
  • Longitudinal blow-up
Flat-top nominal
  • Collimator set-up
Squeeze (to 40 cm) probe
  • Flat machine
  • Q, Q’, C-, orbit
  • Measure correct optics
Ramp, squeeze, collide (80 cm) probe
  • Bumps on (sep & X)
  • Collision beam process
First collisions
Flat-top nominal Collimator set-up plus loss maps – bumps on  
Squeeze nominal TCT and TCL set-up  
Collide nominal   First stable beams