2012 - Progress

First stable beams of 2012 Thursday 5th April with 3 bunches per beam after 3 weeks of commissioning. Stable beams with 84 on 84 later that day (CMS publicity).

5 fb-1 delivered to Atlas and CMS by the weekend 9-10 June.

Closed books at the end of the first running period on Monday 18 June with: 6.6 fb-1 delivered to ATLAS; 6.8 fb-1 delivered to CMS; 0.65 fb-1 delivered to LHCb; and a little over 1 pb-1 delivered to ALICE.

The 2012 proton run continued until December 2012. A total of 23 fb-1 were delivered to both ATLAS and CMS.

Recent records courtesy ATLAS (October 2012)