First steps with protons at the end of week 43
Action Species bunches/beam Time  (shift) Comment Group
ALICE squeeze to 1.0 m, beta beating measurement p 2 2 Done with protons for accuracy ABP, OP From 07:00 or earlier, Friday 28/10/2011 Done
Aperture measurement p 2 0.5   ABP, OP Done
Checking/setting injection orbit p 2 0.5 Calibrate BCTs  OP ??
 Injection of high intensity proton bunch  
Injection of low intensity proton bunch  Done
Programme for this weekend, some change of order is possible.
Action Species bunches/beam Time  (shift) Comment Group Estimated start time
ALICE polarity flip      0.5 ACCESS and recovery   05/11/2011 16:00
Injection and circulating beams (already done for Beam 2 in p-Pb MD) Pb 2 (filled for colliding) 1 Establish the orbit OP 05/11/2011 20:00 Done
BI check BI 05/11/2011 21:00 Skipped
Re-steering of TLs (if needed) ABT 05/11/2011 22:00 OK
RF capture RF 05/11/2011 23:00 Done
Injection oscillation check OP 06/11/2011 00:00 Done
450 GeV dump ok ABT 06/11/2011 00:30 OK
BGI (if needed) BI 06/11/2011 01:00 To do
  Ramp, squeeze, collision set-up Pb 2 colliding 1 Collimators ramp OP 06/11/2011 01:30 Done
Squeeze 06/11/2011 02:30 Done
No collisions in LHCb. COLL 06/11/2011 04:00 Done
  Find collisions with 80 micro rad Xing angle in IP2, 60 min collisions for experiments (2 hour warning requested) OP Done
  Check orbit OP   Done
Loss Maps Pb 2 1 IP2 TCTs setup, ALPHA reference orbit, Loss maps (collisions) + Async dump OP, COLL 06/11/2011 11:00 Done
Loss Maps Pb 2 0.2 Loss maps (450 GeV) + Async dump if necessary (collimation team decision) OP, COLL   Done
Loss Maps     1 Ramp, end of squeeze separated loss maps both beams, off energy loss map OP, COLL   Done
TECHNICAL STOP     15     Mon-Fri
Recommissioning Pb   1 (hoped)   OP Friday night
Test cycle with collimator functions Pb   0.5   OP  
Transverse damper setup Pb   0.75 Setup for ions RF  
First stable beams Pb 2 colliding 1 Ramp with two beams, squeeze, checks, Stable beams OP Saturday
Physics Pb 2 colliding 1 Stable Beams OP  
Increase intensity (1) Pb 170 1 or 2 Increase bunch number  OP
Increase intensity (2) Pb 358 1 Increase bunch number  OP
LHCb magnet switch-on     0.1 At most efficient time OP  
p-Pb injection, ramp p,Pb (588,2) 0.75 PRIORITY feasibility test ABP, OP Wednesday 08:00
p-Pb pilot physics p,Pb (2,2) 0.5 Stable Beams ABP,OP  
p-Pb pilot physics p,Pb (~20,~20) 1 Stable Beams ABP,OP  
p-Pb injection, ramp p,Pb (588,many) 0.75 Final feasibility test ABP,OP  
LHCb magnet switch-off     0.1   OP  
Physics Pb 358   Steady physics OP  
To be scheduled later in the Pb-Pb run
ALICE polarity reversal  
Collimation quench limit measurement Pb 358 1 Detailed plan to come  
Wire scanner, break wire with ions Pb 358 short BI test for last fill of year BI
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