LHCb switch off   till noon ACCESS and recovery OK OK     THU M
Check with protons after access protons 1 h Calibrate BCTs  OK OK OP   THU M
 Injection of high intensity proton bunch   OK OK
Injection of low intensity proton bunch  OK OK
switch injector chain to ions  OK OK
Injection and circulating beams 1 (non colliding) 1 Injection of Ions (to establish the reference orbit) OK OK OP   THU A
Rough BI check OK OK BI JJG
Resteering of transfer lines (if needed) OK OK ABT BG
RF capture (at -5 kHz frequency shift) OK OK RF PB
check injection oscillation OK OK OP  
check 450 GeV dump ok OK OK ABT BG
450 Z GeV commissioning (BI setup) 1 (non colliding) 0.5 Wire-scanner   for 1 beam OK OK BI JJG THU N
450 Z GeV optics checks with two beams 1 (non colliding) 0.5 beta-beating. >0.4 nominal bunch intensity OK OK ABP RT THU N
Collimation 1 (non colliding) 1 Collimation check  OK OK COLL SR, RA, DW FRI M
Loss maps OK OK
LBDS 1 (non colliding) 0.25 Asynchronous beam dump OK OK ABT  BG FRI A
  Ramp 1 (non colliding) 1 Blowup off - TFB off - OFB on - QFB on - Collimators ramp if no issues at injection OK OK OP, COLL RA FRI A
Collimator check, NO squeeze, loss maps  OK OK OP, ABP RT
check 3.5 TeV dump ok OK OK ABT BG
RAMP and SQUEEZE 1 (non colliding) 0.5 Ramp THEN  squeeze, optics check OK OK COLL RA, DW, GV, GB FRI N
LBDS 1 (non colliding) 0.25 Asynchronous beam dump OK OK ABT BG FRI N
Setup for collisions 2 (colliding) 2 Squeeze, find collision, and transition to zero real crossing angle in ALICE, CMS & ATLAS. LHCb separated, squeezed.  OK!! OK!! OP   SAT M,A
Collimation setup.  OK OK COLL RA, RB, DW, MC, GB
Collimation 2 (colliding) 1 Loss maps OK OK OP GB SAT N
LBDS 2 (colliding) 0.25 Asynchronous dump OK OK ABT BG SUN M
First collisions + PHYSICS 2 colliding 1 or 2 Ramp with two beams, squeeze, checks, Stable beams.  OK!! OK!!     SUN M
Increase intensity (1) 17 1 or 2 Increase bunch number to 17 (16 colliding in IP1,2,5 + 1 probe) OK OK      
Increase intensity (1.5) 69 1 New scheme, 65 or 66 collisions/turn OK OK     WED A
Increase intensity (2) 121 1 Increase bunch number to 128 OK OK      
Physics 121   Parasitic measurements during physics (luminosity evolution, BFPP, etc,  ...) to test models and prepare future runs OK OK      
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