IT7: Beam Instrumentation

BI Technical Board - BI status

BLMs - acquisiton and concentration
  • Check that last BLMs in transfer lines added to application and logging
  • LHC BLM study buffer application yet though to check
  • acquisition
  • concentration
  • logging
  • sdds
  • display
BLMs - XPOC, PM and study buffers  
BLM - logging  
BLM - OP applications  
BLM - expert application to spec ?
BLM MCS - configuration and tests - threshold management etc  


  • Check acquistion, logging and fixed display
  • Slow BCT looks good.
  • Fast BCT crates
  • Dump BCT crates
BPM: acquistion, concentratoin, publish - all modes: capture, FIFO, orbit
  • Change sensitivity (Equip state).
  • set capture bunch and turns
  • Concentrating threading and capture -
  • Check concentration and write to SDDS.
  • Display from SDDS browser and multiturn application. OK
  • Check that last BPMs in transfer lines added to YASP and logging
  • Have concentrator working for BeamThreading and GetCapData


BPM: trajectory and orbit correction etc  YASP  
BPM: multi-turn analysis  
BPM: beta beaing analysos  
BPM: real time feedback  
BPMDLHC - dump line BPMs XPOC
BPMITLHC - interlocked BPMs MPS, logging, alarms, XPOC
BTVI/BTVMLHC screens and matching monitors
  • In/out,
  • video
  • sdds
  • fixed display
  • BTVs in injection region; However, cannot move BTVST in point 2, TDI is not baked out
  • BTVs in video channels and fixed displays
  • BTV SDDS logging in TI 2 logging